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We have an interest in Nordberg, especially since we saw the pictures of the large horizontal radial engines that were used for water pumping and electricity generation. These following pages are made up of illustrations from Nordberg sales brochures and pictures kindly supplied by Norman E. Nelson of NAK Enginering, who have taken over the production and sales for Nordberg, James A. Davis who provided most of the additional brochures and pictures from his private collection, and new material on the TSG219L engine supplied November 2006 by Matt Struble, Power Plant Supervisor, Bryan City Municiple Utilities.

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Nordberg Oil Field Engines

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Nordberg Radial Engines

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Nordberg Industrial Diesels 1

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Nordberg Industrial Diesels 2

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Nordberg Industrial Radial Engine Catalogue - 12 Pages


Nordberg Series 13 Industrial Engine Catalogue - 16 Pages

Series 13

Nordberg TSG219L powering a 2.5MW Allis Chalmers generator. - 16 Pages


Nordberg Factory Photographs - 25 Pages